Athletic TrainingEdit

by Jessica LetendreEdit

What is an Athletic Trainer?Edit

An athletic trainer is a person who prevents and treats injuries of athletes in a sports setting. Athletic trainers perform such tasks as taping and precautionary measures to prevent injuries during practice or game. Out of practice athletic trainers can work with injured athletes to rehbilitate their injuries throught different modalities and therapeutic exercises.

Where They WorkEdit

Athletic trainers can work in a school setting either in middle school, high school, or colleges. They can also work in clinics or hospitals. Trainers can also work with professional sport teams all over the world.

How to become an athletic trainerEdit

Athletic trainers must be certified and must attend an accredited university to recieve a bachelos degree or masters degree.

Technology in Athletic TrainingEdit

Athletic trainers have a few different technologies that can be helpful in the training room, although they are fairly expensive. One example is a biomechanics machine that measures the angle and force of an athletes muscle. This can be used prior to injury and then after injury to compare the two reading and see the differences in strength from the healthy muscle and the injured muscle. This is only one example of a technology in athletic training but there are many others available for specific needs in different settings.