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Celestia is a free simulation software that allows 3D viewing of our universe. It is available at [Celestia]

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Celestia provides a visual tool to explore the universe with a variable view, as close as a few meters across to galaxy clusters. It is a free program downloadable from [Celestia]. The interface allows for point and goto interface that makes navigation to objects easy. It is also expandable with add-ons available on the site.

Platform Edit

Pc/mac/linux application, also available as source code and is freely modifiable and redistributable as per the GNU Public License. Installation instructions are provided in the INSTALL file.

Application in Innovation Edit

Innovation applications: Many

This free application can provide a valuable tool to use in the class room to teach a fully interactive lesson on the universe. Can be used for stars, nebulas, ect...

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: Many

This application can provide the same opportunities as a planetarium, but is available free online; it can save time by bringing the planetarium to the classroom.

Applications in Community Edit

Community applications: Many

The teacher can use this program to teach after school seminars about interesting phenomena in the universe and can vary the depth of material for each age group.

Required technical proficiency Edit

Proficiency in computer application, if you’re reading this, you are most likely proficient enough to use this program.

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