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Cell phone movies are a double edged sword....although they can be used to record field data and other stuff like that, your students can also be secretely taping you in the classroom.....and posting it on youtube later on...think about it.

Mobile phone videoz Edit

What is this? Edit

A way to share videos of all types of things, carry videos in your pocket, watch them in bed, on the bus, while your sitting on the toilet...whatever you like.

Platform Edit

Verizon, Tmobile, AT&T.....most will need a converter.

Application in Innovation Edit

Innovation applications: some

Teachers can share their videos with students and vice versa. Teachers can request that students download certain facts or videos about certain topics therefore they can look at them more often to learn better.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: some

Only as good as your phone and your service provider

Applications in Community Edit

Community applications: ehh..

Too much communication through cellular means inhibits face to face interpersonal skill building.

Required technical proficiency Edit

hardly able to use your cell phone and internet

Similar to / different from Edit

Handheld/Palm devices..

Limitations Edit

Invasion of personal privacy...incriminating evidence...public humiliation?

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