Executive SummaryEdit

Engrade is a free set of web-based tools for educators allowing them to manage their classes online while providing parents and students with 24/7 real-time online class information. It's private, secure, truly free, and unbelievably easy to use - so join over 50,000 teachers and start using Engrade today.

(Name of technology) Edit


What is this? Edit

A program online which manages online classes 24/7

Platform Edit

Website application

Application in Innovation Edit

This application provides a 24/7 online help between teachers, parents, and students

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Engrade provides an efficient help online 24/7 directly connected to the teacher. Students can stay connected to the teacher through a computer

Applications in Community Edit

A sense of community is apparent with this application. Teachers, students, and parents are always connected through this website creating a tight and close community within the classroom.

Required technical proficiency Edit

User friendly so there is minimal proficiency

Similar to / different from Edit

Limitations Edit

One on One conversation in person

Official page Edit

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