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GMail is an email system that enables a user to recieve files, create spreadsheets, create calendars and other organizers, and link email to a plethora of other applications, based on need. All information can also be shared with other users.

Gmail Edit

What is this? Edit

A browser integrated web client, gMail is mainly used for e-mail but it can be used for a multitude of other applications such as chat or even file storage.

Platform Edit

It is a website.

Application in Innovation Edit

Students can share spreadsheets and graphs with each other and the teacher. Students can download various applications to aid in project work.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Helps to keep student grades organized and accessible from everywhere. Can keep track of student appointments and other engagements.

Applications in Community Edit

Students can chat in real time with each other and can share information easily from inside a browser with very little prior technical expertise.

Required technical proficiency Edit

GMail is very easy to use due to it's clean and clear user interface.

Similar to / different from Edit

Most web based e-mail clients are very much the same.

Limitations Edit

While GMail does offer a very flexible web-based interface, managing address books and contacts is very cumbersome. A teacher with many student contacts might want to use a dedicated software client such as Thunderbird to allow better management of contacts and use of LDAP servers. GMail does not allow for time travel.

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