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A teacher can make use of Google Presentations by having presentations that are easily assessable for the students

Google Presentations Edit

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This Technology can help create a slide presentation which is much easier to assess.

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Website found through Google

Application in Innovation Edit

Innovation applications: Many

This technology can be used by a teacher to create tutorial sessions for students. It can also be used by students getting assignments to make a presentation on a particular topic.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: Many

This would allow teacher to have tutorial sessions on file for the students that might be helpful for students to assess that may help answers students questions before meeting one on one with the students. The teacher would also be able to save class time with lengthy presentations by the students and grade projects later on.

Applications in Community Edit

Community applications: Some

Students can watch other student project that they might find interesting.

Required technical proficiency Edit

If someone is not use to computers, it could take them a little while to figure how to apply the application. Users should have a good handle of using internet browsers.

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Google presentations is very similar to Microsoft Powerpoint but can be assessed much easier.

Limitations Edit

Not as extensive as Microsoft Powerpoint.

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Google Docs

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