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LTSP is a free and open source add-on package for Linux, an opperating system, that allows many people to simultaneously use the same computer. Applications run on a thin client that handle input and output. These ad ons are low-powered, lack a hard disk and are quieter than desktop computers because they do not have any moving parts.

Linux Terminal Server Project Edit

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This technology allows many people to simultaneously use the same computer.

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Can be used on on servers like Windows or Linux

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This technology is becoming popular in schools as it allows the school to provide pupils access to computers without purchasing or upgrading expensive desktop machines.

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This technology allows the use for computers, especially if schools do not have the money to purchase expensive desktop machines.

This can be used to browse the web, send email or create documents.

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This technology allows all students to use computers at the same time, perhaps interacting through the internet. A school may also gain more control over how their students are using computing resources by switching to this.

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No levels of expertise or skills needed.

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A teacher should monitor usage of the internet.

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