Mitosis and Cell TheoryEdit


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    • Earth Science
    • General Chemistry
    • Elementary Algebra
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Goals of the LessonEdit

  • Have students come away being able to illustrate the Mitosis cycle
  • Students are able to identify the different components of mitosis and the transition that signifies the advacement of the cell cycle
    • In particular the role of Mitosis is the larger cell cycle
  • Students will explain and draw conclusions about the cell theory as it relates to life forms


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State StandardsEdit

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Learning ActivitiesEdit

Cell TheoryEdit

  • All organisms are made up of one or more cells.
  • Cells are the fundamental functional and structural unit of life.
  • All cells come from pre-existing cells.


  • Doing a hands of lab of moving chromosomes through the stages of Mitosis
  • Physically have students be chromosomes and walk through the cycle*

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