Executive SummaryEdit

NetLogo is a multi-agent programming language and integrated modeling environment that is designed to be used easily, with no prior advanced training.


What is this? Edit

This technology provides a way to graph or chart data in the domains of economics, bio, physics, chem, and psychology as well as many other social sciences. It is best used for modeling trends and systems over time.

Platform Edit

programming language

Application in Innovation Edit

NetLogo comes bundled with many sample models for teachers to use. Teachers however, can additionally add their own models so they can use it for anything they want.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

By using the included models teachers can show the students trends and information without having to spend countless hours pre-programming things before class.

Required technical proficiency Edit

Technical skill is required as with all programming languages, however this programming language was designed with novice users in mind.

Similar to / different from Edit

there are java applets and other programming languages that are similar to this

Limitations Edit

It is a programming language and not everyone can figure it out with ease

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