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This software is used to create a PDF file from a variety of different file types. Much like the name implies, you are converting or creating one file from another file type.

PDFCreator Edit

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This technology provides a way to create a pdf (portable document format) from another file format. Essentially you are taking a picture of a file. It becomes an uneditable, protected format. This is done merely by pressing print and choosing PDFcreator as the printing source.

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Windows based

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Example: A teacher can turn an article (like from NYTimes) into a PDF and then post it online for students to use.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

All homework could be posted on a teacher website in PDF format. Students then have access and don't have excuses that the document format is a problem.

Applications in Community Edit

Students can use PDF files and post online responses

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A monkey can use this... as long as the monkey can install a program and press print.

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Adobe Acrobat is a similar program series but most cost money. PDFcreator is free!

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