Executive SummaryEdit is a website where teachers and students can download and print many common documents for free. This would be useful for teachers to need to print certain common classroom forms and documents because it saves them the time of having to create it themselves. Edit is a free database of downloadble and printable documents. Edit

This website serves as a quick and easy way for teachers to download and print documents that they need for their classrooms.

Platform Edit


Application in Innovation Edit

Innovation applications: Many

Teachers can have students download, print, and complete certain forms or documents from this site.

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: Many

This site saves teachers the time of having to create forms and documents that they might need for their classroom.

Applications in Community Edit

Community applications: None

This website is an archive and source of forms and documents.

Required technical proficiency Edit

To use this site, a knowledge of how to use the internet and download files is necessary.

Similar to / different from Edit

This website is not similar to any technologies discussed thus far.

Limitations Edit

Watch out for accuracy of documents and make sure to read over the file before its downloaded to ensure its the correct one.

Official page Edit

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