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Picasa3 is a Google application that allows you to upload, edit, and tag photos and share them on the web. A teacher can use this feature to expand their knowledge in almost any subject. For example, when teaching taxonomy a teacher can have a picture of an organism from each taxonomic group uploaded on the web so the students have visual references in one place. I also would use this and upload vacation pictures to stimulate a students interest in culture and travel. I think it is important to encourage the students to be well-rounded in their interests even if you are specifically teaching biology. You can also make the pictures private.

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This Technology provides a way to post photos on the web.

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Innovation applications: This is not a very unique website as many sites offer photo uploading services. However, Google accounts have many other uses so it would be great to keep all of the resources they use in the classroom concentrated on one site. Another advantage to this website is that it allows you to make albums private incase students want to post their own pictures to share with the class.

You can use this to provide personal photographs to compliment a lesson. For example, in an ecology unit most teachers cover succession. To compliment this topic, I would upload pictures of primary and secondary succession to give the students a visual.

Teachers can also use this program to edit already existing photos or diagrams that they are using in class. For example, teachers could add text to label certain parts of a diagram, or put arrows or other symbols to identify and emphasize certain things in a photo.

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Efficiency applications: This can speed up the learning process.

Students can upload their own pictures that they take that relate to class.

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Community applications: Many

Students can create a network to share and comment on pictures. I also think it would be great to provide extra credit assignments that would require to take pictures of and identify species with their common and latin names.

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Low level of technical proficiency

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Many overlaps. The only difference in this software is that it is part of google.

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Uploading innapropriate pictures. Picasa3 also has no separate view window for pictures.

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Wikipedia Picasa3 Website

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