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PowerPoint is good for teachers because it allows them to make dynamic presentations with countless amounts of slides that can have pictures, graphs. charts, words and animations. Teachers should be cautioned that a powerpoint presentation should only be used to supplement a lesson, not serve as the lesson.

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This Technology provides a way to make presentations on the computer through the use of slides.

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pc/mac application

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PowerPoint can be used to increase engagement because the slides to be presented to the class can have all sorts of fun and engaging backgrounds, and animations and pictures can be used to really engage the kids, so you're not just presenting words on a chalkboard. You can also allow students to print out the notes beforehand so they can spend less time writing and more time listening. If a teacher is particularly powerpoitn savvy, they can make mini demonstrations of scientific processes using the "custom animation" feature.

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Efficiency applications: Some

Students can lessen the amount of time taking notes and increase the amount of time listening. However, this may be a disadvantage to students because writing information increases retention.

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Students can present individual research projects to the community and can present research in science fairs.

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I would say a beginner could use PowerPoint, and after one time of use, they'd probably be pretty good.

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Google docs is very similar to powerpoint

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Can be quite boring for the student if the teacher uses it to simply put tons of words on, and then reads off of the slide for the entire class period. Should only be used as a supplement to a lesson!!

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