Executive SummaryEdit

(Teachers can create exerecises for their students that could apply for social situations, money management skills or life skills)

(Name of technology) Edit

What is this? Edit

This technology helps students live out real life situations.

Platform Edit

(Mircrosoft Windows)

Application in Innovation Edit

Innovation applications: (some)

(Second life can help teach students to deal with life situations like social issues and get students to understand a different prospective)

Applications in Efficiency Edit

Efficiency applications: (some)

(Students can do this activity at home and then can be talked about in class)

Applications in Community Edit

Community applications: (some)

(Teachers can lead a discussion on different social topics and see what the students insight on the topic)

Required technical proficiency Edit

(I have no idea)

Similar to / different from Edit

(the video game the Simms)

Limitations Edit

(Students may use abusive language)

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(Still learning)